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  • It is possible to purchase a Connect+ system with any desired option card factory installed and tested.  The last few letters of the part number will identify which cards are included from the factory.  If you order an RE6100S-XX-X, the last three Xs indicate there are no cards in the three option slots.  If there are other letters in those positions, then the panel includes add-on features.  Please refer to the Connect+ catalog for a list of options.
  • Before adding any cards, make sure you remove power and the back-up battery from the Connect+ system!
  • If you want to add new features to a base Connect+, the process is straight forward.
    • When you open the Connect+ system and are facing the open Connect+ with the back-up battery facing you – we number the slots from left to right (slot 1 is closest to the Ethernet connector).
    • All cellular option cards should go into slot 1, as this allows for routing of the antenna to the holder in the corner of Connect+ next to the siren.
    • The second option slot is where a Wi-Fi card would go.
    • Slot 3 accepts a smaller, half-height card.  We offer a Universal Translator to listen for other sensors, a Z-Wave card, or a Combination Translator/Z-Wave card.
  • The video below will outline the process of adding new cards to your Connect+ system.https://youtu.be/7vRv5Ln260k

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