Connect+ Expansion Cards

These modules can be placed in the expansion slots of the Connect+ panel allowing for a custom tailored solution that fits the individual needs of your customers.


Wi-Fi Communicator placed in Slot 1. Connects panel to local Wi-Fi network.  Enables alarm reporting, interactive control functions, all through a wireless Internet connection.


LTE Communicator placed in Slot 1. This module provides alarm reporting and interactive services over the Verizon network as either a primary or back-up communication path.


Z-Wave card placed in Slot 3. This card provides communications with lights, locks, garage door openers, appliance modules, or thermostats enabling a broad range of device control and automation features.


Translator card placed in Slot 3. Enables Connect+ Panel to receive signals from Honeywell®, 2GIG®, GE®, DSC®, or Napco® Sensors. Field programmable to a specified brand of sensor.

Z-Wave/Translator Combination

Z-Wave/Translator card placed in Slot 3. Enables both Z-Wave and Translator services to be offered in a Connect+ installation.