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Connect+ Data Usage

What is the data usage of Connect+? Though data usage will vary slightly on actual usage of the system the following numbers are accurate to exact type of usage. We have found with these numbers the average usage would be roughly 0.09-1.2 Mbytes a month. The most persistent usage in a broadband system is likely to […]

Connect+ with RE508X Hardwire to Wireless Translator

The RE508X Hardwire to Wireless Translator allows hardwire contacts to send wireless signal in the desired compatible protocol. This article steps a user through using the RE508X with the Connect+. Select mounting position and location of the Translator. Take wired contacts from previous panel and connect to the desired terminal on the Translator. REQUIRED: Use […]

Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v.

Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.7.0  -Added support for two-way voice over LTE.  -Support for new features in mobile application and Touchpad versions. -Updated procedure when a two-way session has started and a life safety device is triggered. two-way session is no longer aborted but appropriate temporal sounder is active.  -Added support for Duress code […]

Understanding Connect+ Offset Codes

To help better isolate what peripheral an event code is associated with we have added the following offset codes. Key fob or End-User Application offset = 400 PinPad offset = 500 Mobile/Bluetooth Device offset (Keypad, Touchpad, Wireless Siren Bluetooth) = 600 Wireless Siren offset = 700 Examples: You may see something in the Event Log […]

Using Connect+ with Amazon Alexa

The Alula Alexa Security Skill allows users to operate the Connect+ security system with voice commands through their Alexa-enabled devices. To get started first add Alula to your Alexa by installing the Alula Skill. 1. Download and Open the Alexa application on your smartphone. 2. Select “Skills & Games” from the slide out menu on […]

Understanding Connect+ Back Up Battery

The Connect+ Panel comes with a 24 hour rechargeable battery back up inside. The panel will come with the battery already connected because the panel will never power up by the battery alone. The battery can have three different statuses. The Connect+ Configuration pages will indicate on the Connect+ main the Panel Battery Status. Those […]

Connect+ Firmware v1.1.4.0

Connect+ Panel Firmware Release Notes v1.1.4.0  -Support for two-way voice alarm verification. Requires Ethernet communication.  -Support for 40 Indoor PIR.  -Support for WiFi Device Link Repeater.  -Feature changed so if alarm type Silent Panic is selected the report code will change to 1122. This will ensure two-way voice muting options are properly set.  -Feature to […]