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Press Release: Alula Launches SmartHome Now – A Unique Home Builder Solution for Security Dealers

Free Smart Home Automation for Homeowners, Lowest-Cost Program for Builders, and Easy-to-Convert Monitored Security Sales for Dealers HUDSON, WI –(PR WEB)—JUNE , 2018—Alula launched its SmartHome Now solution for security dealers who are working with home builders to include smart home automation and monitored security in new home construction. The Alula Smarthome Now solution gives […]

Press Release: Alula Launches Award-winning Two-Way Voice for Home Security

HUDSON, WI–(PRWeb – June 18, 2018) – Alula released a new, award-winning two-way voice capability for the Alula Connect+ Platform that reduces installation, maintenance and upgrade costs for security systems in residential and commercial installations. For top security dealers required to offer two-way voice for alarm verification or offering support-at-the-panel for demanding customers, Alula eliminates […]

Press Release: Alula Arms Alexa for Home Security

Alula Connect+ Upgrades Alexa Voice Assistant for Smart Home Security HUDSON, WI–(PRWeb – JUNE 15, 2018) – Alula released an improved implementation of Alexa Voice Assistant skills for the Alula Connect+ Platform. With Parks Associates reporting over 70 percent of new home security installations including smart home control features, and in home penetration rates of […]