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Hacking DIY Video Surveillance:

Why It Should Be Left to the Pros According to the Statistics Portal, approximately 16.2 billion dollars were spent in 2017 on the purchase of video surveillance equipment worldwide. Each year, more customers are opting for DIY video surveillance solutions to adequately protect their homes. A recent study by Home Advisor found that the typical cost of […]


Tips on Helping Your Customers Choose the Right Alarm System PIN

The Personal Identification Number or PIN for your customer’s alarm system is a vital factor in ensuring optimized security for their home or office. The fewest number of people possible should have access to this PIN to make sure that security breaches are significantly reduced. Robbers trying to gain access to your customer’s home will […]

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Winter – Avoid Freezing Pipes with Temperature Sensors

An average of $10,000 in residential insurance claims accounts for 96 percent of water damage from frozen or broken pipes. These damages can be prevented if homeowners know how to take the right precautions. Frozen pipes can cause needless damage to your customer’s home in the cold winter months. When water freezes in the pipes, pressure buildup […]


Eliminate Truck Rolls with Connect+

The Technology Services Industry Association reports that the average truck roll costs approximately $1,000. As a security dealer, you’ll lose money on usage costs like fuel, maintenance and general owner expenses. Truck rolls incur needless costs for extra labor when technicians are sent out to handle minor issues with an alarm systems. They also mean […]

Board Button Configuration

1 Tap – Device will go into WPS mode and should search for nearest WPS activated Wi-Fi router in the area. 2 Taps – Device will indicate Wi-Fi signal strength [Device must be paired to a Wi-Fi] 3 Taps – CDMA Module Service Provisioning (OTAP) 4 Taps – Device will force a firmware upgrade [Device must be paired to the a Wi-F- router] […]

Activity (LED) Lights

LED 1 – is used for DHCP & Network connection diagnostics: Solid: Indicates a connection has been made to ipDatatel. (The device is Online) 3-Flashes: Indicates the device is not connected to the Internet or is not assigned an address from the router 7-Flashes: Indicates the device is still working on “AP Configuration”, therefore is not connected […]


Top 5 Qualities of Superior Alarm Monitoring Services

Your customers want the best alarm monitoring services that fit their specific situational needs and ensure optimized security. As a high-caliber security dealer, you can provide informative guidance to your customers to help them gain a better understanding of the top five qualities of superior alarm monitoring services.


IoT, Big Data, and Home Security

The fusion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analytics is revolutionizing the home security market. The IoT defines the integration of sensors, software, and network connectivity in the devices that we use each day. This concept illustrates our connections with our devices, other people, and the way we relate to things. According […]


Are Your Alarm Motion Sensors Pet-Friendly?

According to the AVMA, approximately 71.5 percent of US households have pets like dogs, cats, and birds. Homeowners that have security systems installed should consider their pets when choosing systems and placing motion sensors. Pets can accidentally trigger motion sensors and create false alarms, which can become a waste of money and time for your customers. As […]